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Provide cheaper energy for your business day and night, stabilize your infrastructure and minimize energy losses.

image showing the real life application of our technologies

Expensive energy and instability of the power grid are one of the biggest challenges businesses face today. Our Clever BES battery storage will help you with both.

Think of our BES Plus battery storage as a versatile guardian of your power grid. There is a number of advanced technologies included in all models:

  • LiFePO4 battery — stores solar energy with high efficiency and prevents overflows into the grid.
  • Active Harmonic Frequency Filter — eliminates higher harmonic frequencies and, improves the quality of electricity throughout the network (especially when connecting renewable energy sources). At the same time minimizes wear and tear on production equipment and transformers and prevents their blackouts.
  • Reactive energy compensator — streamlines the use of electricity by limiting energy losses and reducing your costs.
  • Energy Storage Management System — allows monitoring of use of energy according to current needs and prices electricity (peak shaving and demand site shifting) and thus contributes to grid stability.
  • Network Analyzer with Qualitometer — monitors the quality of your power grid. Simultaneously, it verifies that the forwarding point of your network complies with the terms of the connection agreement you have with your distribution company.

The storage control system, including the inverter, is fully developed in the EU and thus meets the most demanding safety and harmonisation standards of the EU (EMC- EN 55011, EN 50178, EN 61439-1, EN 61439-2, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4, EN 55011 and ROHS - EN 50581:2012), ensuring that no one on the other side of the world can decide to turn off your system.

Our battery storage with its ESM system enables the following wide range of energy applications with significant economic benefits:

  • Solar energy storage with the elimination of overflows into the grid
  • management of reserved capacity with cost savings (peak shaving, demand site shifting, etc.)
  • lowering the price of the take chart due to the use of SPOT prices of daily trading
  • Reduction of sampling chart deviation fees (for traders)
  • provision of power (frequency and voltage) balance services AFrR and mFRR and supply management services
  • Reduction of transformer losses and downtime due to integrated harmonic filter with fast reactive power compensation
  • flicker compensation by means of rapid reactive energy control (active current of flicker is supplemented by reactive power and thus control voltage change)

Why should I choose BES Plus?

By choosing BES Plus, you get not only a cutting-edge technology solution for energy storage, but also a partner for building a more resilient and sustainable energy system for your company. Backed by extensive experience and expertise in the energy sector, our battery storage is designed with maximum performance, reliability and safety in mind.

Our storage will grow with you — start with BES MP with parameters from 160kWh and continue to grow your energy applications with BES Plus up to extensive battery farms with 10s of MWh/MW.

Watch the video to learn more about BES Plus scalability:

More information: CleverBes Plus Datasheet

Clever BES MP 160 to 410 kWh


image showing the real life application of our technologiesimage showing the real life application of our technologiesimage showing the real life application of our technologies

BES Plus Duo 1310/340

BES Plus 655/340

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