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We are the technology leader for modern energy infrastructure. We help medium and large enterprises transition to the smart energy of the 21st century — a data-driven, renewable-sourced, and predominantly automated energy system that saves money, nature, and time.

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We are CleverPower

We have been operating in the energy sector since 2015. We digitize energy processes, we build photovoltaic and wind power plants and we develop and deliver custom modular battery storage.

We integrate all this into a system that gives our clients a fundamental competitive advantage in the form of certainty of lower electricity prices, new business opportunities and sustainable generation.

In just under ten years, we have executed dozens of projects for clients in the automotive, real estate, engineering and agricultural production sectors across the entire Czech Republic. And we are working on the preparation and construction of more projects.

Along with managing energy self-sufficiency, we also build electric vehicle charging stations and run a network of charging services through the Chargee platform.

CleverPower a.s. Registered Office Address

Vladislavova 1390/17, 110 00 Prague 1

CleverPower a.s. Office Location

Na Hřebenech II 1718/8, 140 00 Prague 4

The company is registered with the Municipal Court in Prague,
Section B, insert number 27231

ID: 17135699

TAX ID: CZ17135699

Phone: +420 770 320 830 (available Mon—Fri 8am—5pm)

E-mail: info@cleverpower.eu

Subsidiary company CleverPower SK s.r.o.

Prievozská 5434/6A, 821 09 Bratislava

The company is registered with the District Court Bratislava I, file number 136604/B

ID: 52342255

TAX ID: SK2121004754

Phone: +420 770 320 830 (available Mon—Fri 8am—5pm)

E-mail: info@cleverpower.eu


CleverPower is certified according to ISO standards:

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