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Reduce energy costs, increase the efficiency of your operation with a higher quality network and meet ESG criteria.

We are a general supplier of photovoltaic and wind power plants, battery storage and energy management systems — for medium and large enterprises in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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The pillars of our solution

Your network — your island of energy self-sufficiency

We introduced our customers to the possibilities of using modern energy systems to cover almost half of their energy needs from their own renewable sources. As the general supplier of energy structures we focus on medium and large industrial energy systems. We offer a complete solution from the delivery of the system for intelligent power management for smart grids, through the development, production and delivery of battery storage with a unique combination of active harmonic filter and reactive energy compensator, all the way to dispatching control for optimization of energy production and distribution including RTU supply, project documentation and the actual supply of photovoltaic and wind power plants. We'll begin our cooperation by analyzing your existing energy balance and calculating the payback of our proposed energy self-sufficiency solution.

Energy day and night

Thanks to our unique BES Plus Battery Storage you will have access to high-quality energy at the most favorable price conditions on the market day and night. BES Plus is an innovative combination of active harmonic filter, reactive energy compensator and battery storage. Its ability to respond instantly (in ms) to your organization's current energy needs ensures energy savings and provides an advanced monitoring system for continuous monitoring of the quality of your power grid. With the BES Plus Battery Storage, no connection conditions for your own energy sources will catch you off guard. BES Plus is ready to provide flexibility services even for the “Grid Forming” systems and, thanks to semiconductor technology, HDO control is not a problem for it either.

Digitalization of the energy sector

We develop and deliver our own intelligent system for managing and evaluating energy data with subsequent control of energy generation, storage and consumption in your network for our energy solutions. You can imagine our battery storage and its Energy Storage Management (ESM), along with dispatcher management, as a versatile guardian of your power grid that works with your energy data in real time thanks to the integrated SmartGrid and SmartMetering solution. Thus, you control your energy network and can buy and sell energy more profitably on SPOT markets.

Renewable energy sources are financially viable

Understanding the financial implications of investing in energy is key. We offer expert advice and consultation to create a financial energy balance of your energy network to calculate the return on your energy investments, helping clients build robust business cases and secure their financial future.

Provide us with your data on energy consumption (or production) and we will design a comprehensive energy solution including production (photovoltaics today, small wind farms tomorrow), storage and energy consumption management, including the calculation of the financial return on the necessary investments based on the transparent economic benefits of our energy technologies and solutions.

The capacity you need

At the heart of our energy solutions and Our flagship product is the Clever BES modular battery storage. already smallest battery BES MP with a capacity of 160 kWh and a power of 85 kW offers the same features as larger units BES Plus (655 kWh/340 kW) and BES Plus Duo (1,310 kWh/340 kW):

frequency and voltage stabilization in the network with an active harmonic filter

reducing losses with fast reactive power compensation

energy utilization management according to daily market prices

support for easy integration of
photovoltaic and wind
power plants to the grid

software for monitoring and optimizing storage performance in real-time

advanced temperature regulation for extended battery life and safety

Our batteries comply with harmonisation standards EU EMC- EN 55011, EN 50178, EN 61439-1, EN
61439-2, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4, EN 55011 and ROHS - EN 50581:2012.

Thanks to the modular design, you can scale batteries from a basic unit to a battery park with the capacity of tens of MWh:

Our Projects

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Our Service Steps

Your expected project roadmap working with CleverPower.



- we start by analyzing your network (consumption, connection conditions, type of contract) and your expectations and goals

- we will design a solution concept tailored to your situation

- we will provide you with a preliminary implementation budget including the appropriate subsidy title and a transparent calculation of the return on investment


Project Proposal

- we verify the technological feasibility of the solution concept from the Analysis phase

- we prepare project documentation for building permits

- we take care of the complete engineering and all documents needed to connect to the distribution network


Implementation and operation

- we will provide delivery and installation of all energy technologies and management system in accordance with the project

- we put the whole system into operation

- we provide technical maintenance and support of the delivered solution in operation

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